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Adventist Book center online (US website)




BC & Yukon camp meeting 2022 - July 27-30

This year's Camp Meeting will again be virtual. Almost Home is the theme. For more information, click on the link below:



BC Conference website



The BC Conference Women's Ministries Virtual Fall Retreat was held on October 1 & 2, 2021, with Kandus Thorp as the speaker.  Topics included Revelation:  The Invitation - Jesus: Who He is, how He identifies with us and His invitation to us; Revelation:  The Two Witnesses - Jesus: Characteristics of the overcomer; Spirit and power for living in crisis; Revelation:  The Message - Jesus:  Freedom in Truth defies counterfeit messaging; and Revelation:  The Victory - Jesus:  The Hero of Eternity. To watch archived videos, please go to:



Family Ministries Conference held November 5th and 6th

From Tears To Joy - this year's family ministries conference on managing grief. Guest speakers were Mike & Pam Tucker from Faith for Today. For more information, please go to:


BC & Yukon camp meeting 2021 - July 28-31

Last year's Camp Meeting was again virtual. Speakers include John Bradshaw, Elizabeth Talbot, Gary Krause, Kumar Dixit and others. There were seminars as well programs for young adults, youth and children. For archived videos, click on the link below: