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Take charge of your health from It Is Written

Take charge of your health—mind, body, and spirit! In each presentation, medical experts share practical advice to improve your health and sense of well-being. No gimmicks, no miracle cures, just sound health principles that will give you strength of body and peace of mind. Plus, you’ll learn many of the Bible’s wellness secrets! You really can Take Charge of Your Health! Watch this online event archived below.


Next Level Health From It is written

Health series, Next Level Health, the follow-up series to Take Charge of Your Health, ran April 23-29, 2021.

Join John Bradshaw and health experts from around the country as they share practical ways to enhance every area of a person’s life: physical, mental, and spiritual. Register and watch archived episodes at nextlevelhealth.life by clicking the button below.

Featuring physicians and medical experts and presented in a dynamic, magazine-style format, Next Level Health will cover hot-button health topics such as boosting immunity, improving mental performance, increasing energy, enhancing relationships, and promoting emotional wellbeing.


North American Division Health Ministries



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 Check out the great videos for balanced living here!

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